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Tom Marcoux

Pitch Coach and Spoken Word Strategist, author of 42 books

Tom Marcoux helps you make Big Dreams come true. Known as the Communication Sage, Executive Coach, Pitch Coach and Spoken Word Strategist, Tom has authored 53 BOOKS, sales in 15 countries. Guest lecturer at STANFORD UNIVERSITY and feature film director, Tom knows how to TELL STORIES and make Your Brand Stand Out. Author of 3 books on time management, Tom won a special award at the EMMYS, and he directed a feature film that went to CANNES FILM MARKET. Tom has simultaneously led teams in U.K., India, and USA. Tom guides clients and audiences (Linkedin, IBM, Sun MicroSystems, etc.) in leadership, team-building, power time management and branding. The San Francisco Examiner designated Tom as “The Personal Branding Instructor.” See Tom’s Popular BLOGS: GetTheBigYES.com and PitchPowerFest.com. See Tom’s popular video “Convince Investors to Fund You” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koEhdT64E1E   Contact Tom at GetTheBigYES.com.

Sessions: Keynote Presentation NYC 5: The Darkest Secrets of Scaling