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Peter Mousaferiadis

Founder, Diversity Atlas

In many parts of the world, I’ve literally become known as ‘the traveller’.

My journey in life has wound its way through many different places and spaces across the globe. It has taken me from conducting, directing and producing some of the largest creative productions, to advocacy and cultural entrepreneurship, to edutech and beyond.

Yet, regardless of my profession or how far I travel, I always find myself in the same place; that point where societies and cultures overlap and diverse perspectives collide to create something new. That ancient meeting-place we have come to know as confluence.

So was it fortuitous that my name ‘Mousaferi(adis)’ literally means the ‘traveller’ or ‘visitor’ in Uzbek, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Urdu, Swahili, Hindi and in more than another 1000 languages or was it genetic? I contemplate this because it was the name given to my grandfather who loved to travel and visit people.

Yes, the lifeblood of culture is confluence. The meetings of cultures create lived experiences that go beyond words and allow us to discover and renew ourselves in the other.

Culture and diversity is a mighty force. Learning to understand it in its entirety and utilising it can only act as a driver to enriching and building cohesive communities.

I have long been actively involved in various intercultural, interfaith and other peace-building initiatives. I have found myself involved in projects that leverage technology to enhance the human experience. Stories have emotions – data doesn’t….how do we bridge this divide?

I am driven by an unyielding passion to understand and ultimately share the collective knowledge and wisdom of the world.

My life’s motto is a universal truth that remains unchanged – “I exist because of you – you exist because of me – we exist because of each other”.

Divided We Fall, United We Stand, Diversified We Grow

Sessions: Keynote Presentation SYD 5: How to build a global business leveraging high ethics and ESG