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Penny Power OBE

Co-Founder of Ecademy & BIP100

Penny power was a cofounder of Ecademy, the first Social Network for Business in the world, in 1998. It supported hundreds of thousands of Business Owners, globally. She was nominated by the UK Business Minister for her OBE in 2014 for the “contribution to entrepreneurship in the social digital economy’, which continues to be her focus and passion.

There is a massive economic impact of this ‘aloneness’, starting with wondering if anyone actually cares whether we exist in the business ecosystem, through to wondering if we matter at all, and then the issues of relevance, innovation, resilience and connections.

Penny’s love of people has been a lifelong passion, it is genuine, calm and without hype. She is a speaker and author, her latest book being Business Is Personal- be the leader of you life and business’.

Penny Power OBE - Introducing herself