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The Ultimate Guide To Successfully Scaling Your Business At Scalefest

“Uncertainty About Where Business Is Going Has Never Been Higher.” At Scalefest, we do not sugar-coat reality; instead we face the truth of what it takes to build a successful business, because the team behind Scalefest do this every week.

We know from experience that there are no generic solutions to business problems—your business is unique. That’s why we have over 60 experts, mentors and professionals to help you get to where you need to go with your business.

The flexible event format allows you to decide which areas need the most assistance and attention so you can target them head-on. Scalefest is where you go to grow your business.

Find out why Scalefest is your best first right action for turning uncertainty into opportunity.

Welcome Letter from Mike Boorn Plener, Scalefest Founder & CEO, Business Growth Specialist

Do you as an entrepreneur wish there was a way to get more sales, the right staff, investors with deep pockets backed up by systems that work incredibly well? How about joining an event that is centred around improving every single business attending across the four key pillars of scale: Capital, Revenue, Systems and People.

And... we won’t let you leave just with a bunch of great ideas and fresh inspiration (we’ll do that too of course). At Scalefest you will be guided through the steps to implement what you learn so you can immediately start improving your businesses. And best of all you will be introduced to a ton of resources to help you towards massive success.

In a nutshell Scalefest gives you and your business the right ways and resources to grow your capacity and capability to scale up rapidly.

What is Scalefest

Scalefest is the foremost event for those who have decided their business needs to, grow, expand and scale. At Scalefest you will experience top transformational speakers, thought–leaders and experts who come together for a 24hr follow–the–sun non–stop marathon event. Scalefest brings together 50,000 brilliant business minds and you—just for one day. An unparalleled peer group for your quantum leap.


27th April 2023

Each location starts between 8 am and 9am, local time.



Scalefest brings a unique hybrid format to the scene. It’s just like being there, but better. You can choose to be there in-real-life at the event, or virtually from far away—that’s up to you. Visually it'll look the same

The hybrid format allows you to switch from a session in Singapore to a session in London at the click of a button. It’s like getting 4 events in one. How do you register to be at Scalefest


FoundersDirectorsEntrepreneursEarly-Stage-High-GrowthStart-Ups, Scale-Ups & SMB ownersSuccessful advisors, top coaches, experienced mentorsInvestors, funds managers, VCsC-level ExecutivesBestselling authorsEntrepreneurs with multiple 8-figure businesses


Everything You Need To Know To Make The Decision "I Have To Be At Scalefest"! How Scalefest is designed to give your company an unfair advantage.

The first key to recognising an unfair advantage is to be looking for it. After all, you can’t use something you don’t have or aren't looking for. Scalefest is where you look and can find your unfair advantage.

We recommend you consider your current business model in terms of how you create value [or want to create more value] and then make your Scalefest plans to find the right people, information and guidance to give you the unfair advantage you are seeking.

Better to grow slow + stay in love with it than go too fast and disdain it

- Taylor Welch

How can you know for certain if NOW is the right time for you to scale your business?

Do you feel you have a good grasp of what the market wants but can’t reach enough prospects?Are you ready to hire more people but don’t quite have enough cashflow?Are you experiencing double digit growth year-on-year but want to shift to next gear?Do you get regular enquiries from territories you don’t ordinarily sell to?Would you rather go really hard for 5 years than slog it out for another 15?

these are all signs you’re ready to scale up your business and to find your next level resources at Scalefest!

Are you Tuned into your Business?

10 Questions that can determine your successful scalability

Get results score and feedback with sign up when you get any level ticket.


This Video Grows Businesses Fast! The 5 Levels of Successfully Scaling Up.

- by Mike Boorn Plener

You’ve got to think 3-dimensionally if you are going to get a different position otherwise you are stuck and all you can see is one way


How do you grow a successful network that can help you scale your business in every way?

A ScaleUp community is a group of entrepreneurs or startup folks who focus on growth and innovation.

Scalefest is the virtual event for new and seasoned startup founders, entrepreneurs, investors and advisers. It could be the most powerful network for you to engage with all the right connections for taking your business to the next level in one place.

What Resources Will You Need To Grow Your Business Faster?

Take This Quiz and Let us Direct You To Your Right Connections At Scalefest.

We all want to think our business is ready for Scaling Up, but how can you know for certain? Take this quiz designed by scale up experts and find out how ready you really are to scale. From this quiz you'll learn what resources you need to get to the next level and we can show you where you'll find them at Scalefest. [Get results score. and feedback with sign up when you get any level ticket]

Sign Up Today and Register To Get 1:1 coaching in the days ahead of Scalefest from top entrepreneurs, people who have been there and done that and from people with deep coaching and mentoring experience

The 9 Behaviors of Successful Entrepreneurs, Are You One Of Us?

They position themselves to serve.They set clear goals.They take calculated risks.They know their strengths and weaknesses.They hire A-team players.They are constantly learning.They are always looking for opportunities.They evaluate their actions and priorities each day.And they go to Scalefest!

12 Things You Can Do and Find At Scalefest To Assure Your ScaleUp Succeeds

We've spend countless hours searching for the right people and resources so you don't have to. All you need to do is make a commitment to your businesses growth and then attend Scalefest prepared to grow! Scalefest is planned for your success. If you know what your business needs and you and your team are ready to engage people who can help make it happen, then Scalefest is where you need to be!

  1. Join interactive sessions (18 keynotes and counting) where you get direct access to top speakers, thinkers and doers.

  2. Exclusive and interactive workshops and masterclasses to that allow you to directly interact with facilitators and get your tough questions answered

  3. Pitch in front of a world of investors, from family offices, VCs to HNWIs

  4. Enter the Scale Awards global competition and achieve massive exposure

  5. Join a range of post-event sessions where you can dive even deeper with top experts getting answers to what holds you back in business

  6. A range of downloadables, tools, eBooks and more from well–known authors and speakers helping you step up your game

  7. Book 1:1 sessions with top coaches and mentors from around the world

  8. Goodie bag with a full resource lab that helps fast–track your path to success (as opposed to a useless plastic mug and a T-shirt)

  9. Networking to find your next mega deal, your best collaborator or your coming investor, or perhaps a new friend in business

  10. Find an implementation partner to help bring your vision to life

  11. Join a lounge for co-founders or for investors and mix with the right people for a change

  12. Join the post–event global community of fast–growing entrepreneurs for peer-to-peer support, deals, collaborations and even more networking

If someone tells you "YOU CAN'T," they show you their limits, not yours

- Itay Forer

What you can learn from top entrepreneurs who've successfully grown 100's of startups


Are You Ready Too?

Scalefest is the foremost event for those who have decided their business needs to grow up. We are partnering with the very best organisations to bring the most successful founders, transformational speakers, thought–leaders and experts together for a 24hr follow–the–sun non–stop marathon event to help businesses grow faster and scale smarter.

Scalefest combines inspiring speakers, not heard anywhere else, with interactive workshops for deep learning and networking for real deals.

Scalefest ONE is an event for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

Your Scalefest Preparation Checklist.

Identify what kind of people you want to meet at the expo and what you want to get out of meeting themPrepare to bring your toughest challenges to a lounge meeting and get the answers you needSelect which workshops will give you the most powerful growth in your companyGet ready to go on a scalefest speed date [strange, but powerful concept]get clear on who you want to meetCome with an open mind and seeking right answers, changes and resources

Most hiring problems can be eliminated by making one fundamental and simple change – replacing job descriptions with a list of performance objectives the new hire is expected to achieve

- Lou Adler

How to utilise your team to make scalefest even more successful

Attending Scalefest is a team sport - just like business. There is so much to learn that it’s easy to miss something. Importantly, Scalefest is all about bringing Scaling Up your business into action. To successfully implement all the change you’d want to do you need marketing, sales, finance and every other department to play their part. So to make life easier for all (and not least for the founder), bring them all along!

Gather more informationBetter implementation strategies across the businessReach more of the right peopleShared experience exchangeDivide and conquer strategyDevelop the skills, knowledge and passion of everybody in the team

Nothing f***s up your start-up faster than running out of happiness

- Bonny Morlak