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Scale Awards and Perfect Pitch Judges

Don't just come to Scalefest, participate and get the recognition and rewards you deserve!

18 Oct


Sydney Singapore London NYC


Our Scalefest judges are ready to look closer at your business and listen to your perfect pitches to help us to find the winners for the Scale Awards and the Pitch Competition

Here are Scalefest's 2023 Judges

Mike Boorn Plener

Business Growth Specialist. Founder of Catapult. Marketing specialist across both small and large businesses.

Rhod Williams

Successful executive across retail and B2B with roles spanning across CEO, Operations and advisory board roles Alan Hedges, Operations Mgr Seasoned operational expert across TV shows like Shark tank, startups and corporates with a deep understanding of the challenges met by fast–growing young businesses.

Jan Koch

Jan Koch

Producing industry-leading summits with authors, coaches and entrepreneurs worldwide. Also a proud Cloudways Maverick.

We’d love for you to join us as a judge.

The [email protected] will be one of the biggest pitch comps held in a very long time. And it may be the biggest ever done focusing on ScaleUps, the more mature part of the ScaleUp economy.

While you don’t need prior experience as a judge for pitch competitions, you will need a strong handle on what makes a great company, and what makes one less so.

You probably have a strong background in entrepreneurship, coaching and mentoring and seen your fair share of companies ago well and others go bust. We’re believe that direct experience is the best tool to weigh out what makes a great company in the future.