Catapult Scale.Awards

Is it time for your business to be recognised? Or is there a business you know that you feel deserves a spot in the sun?

Now is not the time to be shy. 

Why the Scale.Awards?

For Australia to maintain its healthy economy and happy growth outlook, we need scale. Indeed we need thousands of businesses that scale. As some economists describe it, this is the true engine room of the economy. 


Winners of a Scale.Award category will be recognised on stage, take home a prize and, most importantly, bask in the media glory that follows.

How to enter

It’s as simple as filling in the form below. Just follow the instructions

The judging

A judging panel of entrepreneurs, business community influencers and funders will be judging your entry. While it’s important to judge everybody across equal criteria in an objective way, there is also an element of peer review. Make sure your submission speaks to entrepreneurs and business community leaders.

The categories

At the moment we’re accepting submissions in three categories

The criteria

  1. The business must have been started more than 1 year ago and less than 5 years ago. We want to honour young businesses, but we also need to make sure there is a track record
  2. Scaling is measured directly in unit growth and in revenue growth. We’re equally excited if the business has gone from 10 to 10,000 widgets a month even if the revenue is not much — yet
  3. Excellence is measured across the 5 vectors of Scale: Systems & Technology, People & Culture, Revenue, Capital and Inspiration
  4. Extra bonus points for businesses going global from a very early stage

How to improve your chances

Upload a video and encourage people to like and share the video. You will receive instructions on how to do it once you have created the nomination.

Details on Award Categories

Catapult Scale.Awards: Fastest Scaler

This is the company that has demonstrated the fastest growth in revenue (highest percentage in growth compared to base) from a base of at least $25K / month from 1 Jan 2018 – 31 Dec 2018

Catapult Scale.Awards: Global Champion

This is a combined award judged by fastest international revenue growth for the period (judged by percentage of growth) and largest proportion of revenue being international

Catapult Scale.Awards: Most promising Talent

This is a people’s choice award and the judging criteria are open, with the following guidelines provided

    • Global Day One business have a strong advantage
    • Businesses with a strong social mandate 
    • Businesses with less than $400K monthly revenue at the end of the reporting period only

There will be two ways that people can vote: 

Upload videos that (once approved by us) can be shared with your fans. The more shares, likes and comments the better!

Also, once your nomination has been approved, a special voting page will be set up for your submission. Invite your fans to vote direct. They will need to provide basic details to ensure votes are genuine.

Multiple submissions

You are free to enter into to more than one category, this will not change your chances of winning in any one category

The judging process

Online judging and selection

Semi final at the event during day one—deliberation of the judges

Finals end of day one