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The ScaleFest-19 Pledge to Scale!

2019 is the year to Scale! We want as many business owners and entrepreneurs as possible to commit to scaling by making the ScaleFest Pledge
We want to make this a public movement with a powerful voice. The goal is for people to hear about and understand what scaling is and why it’s so great.
Please join us in the move to Scale Australia. It’s simple enough:

  • Grab your smart phone
  • Find yourself a comfortable and quiet space
  • Either hold the phone yourself or get a friend to help
  • Record your video – try and go for 60 seconds as a length, 90 seconds maximum
  • Don’t worry about your name and your business (we can add that later), focus on why you are scaling and if you know how, give three bullets on how you will be scaling

Please don’t worry about picture perfect, retakes and all that complex tech stuff. Do worry about the sound quality (people want to hear what you have to say!)
Once completed, simply upload your video below or use the link.

Good luck!

Fill out Pledge to Scale online form.