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Investor Speed Dating

Finding an investor is easy. Finding an investor who wants to invest in your business is hard. Finding one that you would love to hang out with for the next five years till you have an exit is really hard.

Introducing Investor Speed Dating…

Finding an investor that would love being part of your business as much as you would love them to join you is like dating. Generally, it takes many dates before you know it feels right.

That’s why we are introducing investor speed dating at ScaleFest-19. 

Warning: There is an extremely limited number of speed-dating slots (around 65 to be shared amongst 1,500 attendees) – you do the maths.

What to expect: You will need to be prepared with the questions you want to ask and the pitch you want to present, however you need to remember this is a ‘date’ not a pitch.

Booking: You need to secure a VIP ticket for the event. This automatically qualifies you to be engaged in the Speed-date. Furthermore, as you won’t have time to speed-date all the investors present on the day you are invited to the VIP after–party where, guess what, the investors are also invited to.

Requests for specific investors will be filled in order of tickets booked, ie the sooner you book, the better chance you have of getting just the investor(s) you want

Once we have the schedule finalised you will be notified immediately for your session to be locked in

You should expect to see investors across a broad range

  • Venture capital investors
  • Angel investors
  • Private and HNW individual
  • People from family offices
  • Funds and funds managers