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All Your Questions About Scalefest Answered

18 Oct


Sydney Singapore London NYC


We have attempted to answer all of the most common questions we have received about Scalefest. If you've read them all and are saying "But, I have another question… Sorry, we did not cover your question here. Please contact us at help@scalefest and we will get your answer ASAP.

Q: Will I find investors willing to invest in my business at Scalefest?

A: The real question is if you did, would You know what to Say To Someone Who Wanted To Give You The Money To Grow Your Business? If you're not prepared, we have a solution for you. PITCH WORKSHOP

Q: Is High Growth Realistic From Scalefest?

A: Yes this is a big ask, but if you apply yourself, commit to implementing the changes and follow through high growth comes with a high certainty

Q: Will I hear new and relevant content I can't get anywhere else?

A: Indeed there are lot of speakers who will bring "never before heard in a public setting"... but you have to get your ticket to make sure you don't miss the golden nuggets

Q: Your sitting on your Series A, Now what?

A: Lots of entrepreneurs need to go through a series of funding rounds before reaching the end goal. Scalefest is a great place to meet bigger, private investors that can be part of that next stage of growth.

Q: What’s the difference between the virtual and the IRL part of Scalefest?

A: The IRL experience provides VIP access to speakers and facilitators that is not provided to Virtual event participants. Due to the intimate studio settings,we use for streaming only a very limited number of tickets are available

Q: What should I do if I miss a session?

A: Don't worry we have your back, simply watch the recording afterwards (available to all paid ticket holders)

Q: I’ve done so many events and still not much improvement in my business — how is Scalefest different?

A: Scalefest at the top level of inspiration, aspiration. We take you through transforming your business through workshops/masterclasses. We pair you with relevant providers to ensure you have support, in building better business.

Q: I’m running a startup—is Scalefest for me?

A: Absolutely yes. First congratulations for getting your startup off the ground.Coming to Scalefest early in your growth cycle simply means you’re better prepared and have a better chance to successfully scale up

Q: I haven’t started my business yet but I know I want to-what should I do?

A: Come to Scalefest by all means, but think about it differently... see what you can learn from people that are ahead of you on the curve of evolution. Consider joining another business-perhaps asa co–founder or by joining the co-founder lounge.

Q: Can I transfer my ticket to somebody else?

A: Yes, you can,(you must do this more than 2 weeks ahead of the event) (please use form here)

Q: How do I access the online stream?

A: You will receive a link to the online stream via email a few days before the event

Q: How do I access a physical venue if I have a ticket for that?

A: You will receive an email with directions a few days before the event along with a ticket. You will need to bring a print out of that email or show on your phone when you arrive. To be admitted. You will receive a name badge on arrival.

Q: What should I bring to the event?

A: Make sure you have a comfortable seat for the day. Bring your favourite cup of tea or coffee and strap in for a dose of learning and transformation. Make sure you get up and stretch from time to time to keep the mind fresh. There will be tons of inspiration and learnings that you need to capture during the event–make sure to bring your notepad, tablet or laptop.

Q: Can I enter the event anytime?

A: You are allowed to enter and exit the event at your leisure. You will however miss out on important parts of the event, as the event is designed to be enjoyed in its entirety. Assuming you have a ticket that includes the recording you can watch what you miss at any time.

Q: I am part of the media, what do I need to do?

A: If you are an accredited journalist, please contact hello@scalefest.com.

Q: Will I meet speakers, investors and experts when I attend?

A: Depending on what ticket that you purchase. Yes, you will have access to investors, speakers and experts. Additionally, you can book 1:1 session with a range of speakers and experts. However, there is a very limited supply for 1:1 session, so be sure to book in early. Also, all our speakers, facilitators and experts are attending because they want to help audience members like you. However, they will be busy and many others will want to chat with them as well. With a bit of patience you will be sure to speak to all your favourites.

Q: What’s the secret to spotting and connecting with VIPs?

A: Say hello to those people who seem relaxed and hang about in the Online Lounge during breaks, as many of them already have incredible networks.

Q: How can I become a Network Partner/Exhibitor?

A: You are so welcome to join! Please get in touch with us via hello@scalefest.com.

Q: Will food and drinks be provided?

A: if you are attending the in real life event. Yes, morning tea, light lunch and afternoon tea is provided. If you are attending the virtual event sadly you will have to fend for yourself.

Q: Can I film, take photos and promote the event?

A: Video recording of any part of the event is prohibited. All materials that are presented during speaker sessions or workshops will be made available after the event assuming you have a ticket for that. However, we would love you to share all the happy snaps of yourself participating and the friends you are making, the speakers you are meeting, and the investors you are dating.

Q: I have another question... Sorry, we did not cover your question here.

A: Please email help@scalefest.com