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World Class ScaleUp Business Advisors

There's a huge difference between good advisors and right advisors.

18 Oct


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Founders, whether you're an early startup or well into scaling up, having the right business advisor who has walked the path before you could be the critical valuable resource you need to assure your company grows.

There are a great selection of mentors and coaches available at Scalefest who can provide you timely actionable advice or even open doors you want to get into. Our advisors have expertise in one or more of the following areas:

Business StrategyMarketing StrategyRecruitment AdvisoryFounder MentorsAdvisory Board Strategy

These are focused, successful advisors who can deliver you results. There are limited booking slots - so be sure to secure your private advisory session now.

Mike Boorn Plener

Founder & CEO

Business Growth Specialist. Founder of Scalefest and Catapult. Equity Investing expert. Marketing afficionado.

Rhod Williams


Successful executive across retail and B2B with roles spanning across CEO, Operations and advisory board roles Alan Hedges, Operations Mgr Seasoned operational expert across TV shows like Shark tank, startups and corporates with a deep understanding of the challenges met by fast–growing young businesses.

Jan Koch

Jan Koch

Scalefest Success Director

Producing industry-leading summits with authors, coaches and entrepreneurs worldwide. Have hosted over 200,000 participants in the past 6 years

Sear Nashar

Sera Nashar

Investor Relations

Experienced Executive Assistant with a background in financial services. Skilled in communication, presentation, and scheduling. Strong administrative professional with a diploma in Financial Planning from Monarch Institute.